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Airport City Mod APK is taking off in two exciting modes: you get the chance to build a modern airport, and build a city to support it. It’s not one of your average fun strategy games. It’s a real life simulation game and more. Airport City APK has simple concept. Build your own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky. While you’re managing your airport, flights will be travelling to every corner of the globe. You will meet interesting characters and complete collections of exotic items from around the world.

Like most city building games, Airport city Mod APK offers a steady and exciting quest-driven story line. As you build a city, the game will reward you and challenge you at the same time. You will have to plan ahead, watch your resources and define priorities just like in classic strategy games.

Airport City Mod APK Features

  • Stunning graphics and high-quality sounds accompany every action.
  • Easy-to-use interface and engrossing gameplay.
  • Intuitive tutorial and help features.
  • Lots of colorful characters, each with their own unique story.
  • Dozens of commercial and residential buildings as well as decorations make Airport city APK one of the best building games for kids.

Airport City APK Goals

  • Build hangars and runways.
  • Send planes to the far corners of the globe.
  • Increase your level to unlock new destinations and buy new types of aircraft.
  • Import rare items from far-off lands.
  • Complete collections and exchange them for bonuses.
  • Get exclusive gifts as rewards for passing themed quests
  • Build your own unique jet-setter city.
  • Collect profits from commercial buildings and upgrade the infrastructure of your metropolis.

New event makes you prepare for Mr. Shtern’s and Linda’s wedding in time to get a unique prize. Plunge into the golden age of jazz and art deco and complete a bootlegger collection to get the Empire State Building. Look for flight maps to New York City’s boroughs in the Airship Store.

I buy things in Airport City APK that are required and I keep have to buy more stuff on the same building. You need more cash or coins for free sometimes good game but it’s expensive to use. But as you have read the user review we have a very simple solution for this problem. Download Airport City Mod APK can get lots of coins and items for free. Play unlimited without any limitation.

Airport city mod apk

Airport City Mod APK is a great game and love all the tasks that need to be completed keep you coming back. However the cost to complete the tasks are ridiculous expensive to complete and near enough impossible to complete without spending your own money. Have you tried SB Game Hacker APK for controlling lots of games. Even when they say you can collect the items for certain flight, the flights don’t drop the last item needed so tasks are never completed, however I am still playing just don’t expect anything to happen quickly.

Airport City Mod APK Download Latest

Without spending actual money Airport City Mod APK would take years to make serious progress. Flight drops of items to complete upgrades just don’t happen. It says very seldom for 4 items and I have 22 of one item 20 of another 13 of the third and 0 of the other. So it’s not even random. Airport City Mod APK basically forces you to pay to upgrade the buildings. And land expansion costs would take literally months to get then once you get to a certain point you literally have no choice but to spend money and without spending the games over.

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