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The good thing about the technical convergence that we are experiencing in the world of electronics is the slow dissipation of barriers across platforms and operating systems. Case in hand, the release of the BBM APK on the more popular Android and niche iOs platform. The release welcomed back Blackberry users who had made the switch to more flexible operating systems/devices but have missed the nifty nitty-gritties of the suave UI-ed Blackberry Messenger.

Not many instant messaging application fans are aware that BBM APK was the one that ushered I multimedia file sharing in handheld device based messengers. Blackberry Messenger was also the one to introduce the facility of getting to see when the message gets delivered and seen. However, lack of any intuitive without. A lot of the current crème of instant messaging applications borrowed their step stools from Blackberry Messenger itself.

BBM APK Features and User Guide

For example, in the past 7 years since Blackberry Messenger APK was launched a slew of instant messaging apps have come out in the market that function by assigning a PIN to the users. In BBM APK you need to set up an account first, after installing the application. The Pin is generated at the end of the procedure; this PIN is the one that acts as your Blackberry Handle; people find you using your PIN and vice versa. Alternately, now people can also reach you using the email ID or the phone number you used during Blackberry Messenger account registration.

BBM APK by a long shot is one of the most resilient instant messaging application out there, with a sturdy UI and a strong UX. The developers have also reportedly announced that they intend to make changes to the cross platform messaging application so that it can be catapulted back to the No. position. However, it remains to be seen how the developers intend to pull that off since they also announced that the iOS and Android versions will support ads in the future versions, which is of course not a popular feature to add nor something you leak to the users beforehand. Honesty and closure do not always help when it comes to application development.

However, none of this has affected the popularity of the instant messaging application in any way. The application still intends to find its way to the App stores of both Android and iOS by late September. In fact, the app is already visible on the iOS store. There are several nuances in BBM APK which the developers must address if they want the application to REPLACE its competitor and that is provide a better UX. Check out or simply Download Clash of Clans Mod APK and Download Freedom APK.

BBM APK Download For Android

The contact addition procedure on the application is multi-stepped and confusing. Also, you cannot directly chat with your buddies because Blackberry Messenger APK simply will not add your friends from your contact and make them available in the messenger contact list; one has to send an invite and only after invites are accepted from both sides, only then can you chat. Not sure who BBM APK looks to replace with this kind of protocols: Whatsapp or Tinder.

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