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Call of Duty Zombies APK or also known as COD Zombies APK is originally famous as call of duty world at war zombies APK. Developed by the idea works game studio in 2009, this game lies in the genre of shooter video game. It is based on the bestselling console hit and works well on the tablets and smartphones having the android operating system. Although other operating systems are also supported the game consist of the heart fearing maps, anscensions, Kino der toten, director’s cut divide in the 50 levels which appear as a challenge during the warfare against the zombies.

Call of Duty Zombies APK Features

Kill enemies to get rewarded, The more zombies are killed the more points are earned. Even the inflicting damage may get you points. In Call of Duty Zombies APK the number of the points earned also depends upon the location of hit to the zombies. Hitting the head earns maximum points. Buy weapons and maps: Whenever the weapon is bought it will replace the older weapon. Thus, you will be left with only two latest weapons and the previous will be replaced thus causing the player to lose them.

However, COD Zombies APK offers the grenades and melee weapons are always with the players and don’t get replaced. Repairing barriers and power restoration: The zombies can break the barriers to enter in the map, however, getting these barrier repairs by not getting in the sight of zombies also earns the player some points. Further in Call of Duty Zombies APK, a special switch is always present in the round to help you restoring the lost power due to attack by the zombies.

In COD Zombies APK, once the power is restored up to a particular level the traps can be used to kill the enemies in the surrounding areas, but there do exist some traps that can harm the players too if caught in them. In Call of Duty Zombies APK the screen can be navigated by tapping and moving the finger on any desired side (left/right) tapping the screen two times will open the fire or attack with a knife on the enemies.

call of duty zombies apk

COD Zombies APK provides the option to be played as a single player or get a team of 4 players which can be connected using the WiFi. The basic objective of the game is to be successful in surviving in each round by killing the zombies, which are invading through different locations to attack you. The difficulty level of Call of Duty Zombies APK is continuously increasing as the game proceeds to the next level. In the start the player has the colt 1911 as a basic weapon and also has the access to mallet attack using the combat knife. Have you checked Clash of Clans Mod and Geometry Dash 2.0 APK which are two most trending games.

Call of Duty Zombies APK Download

Killing the zombies add to the earned points which can further be used to buy more new weapons which are better in timing to attack and performance. Further, some additional perks and access to the maps of different areas can also be purchased in exchange of these earned points. Usually the zombies enter from the area not included in the map e.g. the barricaded locations. We have received so many reviews about Call of Duty Zombies APK but we would love to hear some from you guys apk android