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Remember the times you walked into a cyber cafe or a gaming parlor to discover gamers building neat little villages out of nothingness, gathering wood, foraging bushes, giving birth to a village, to a town, to a city to a whole settlement with its own army and colors. If that is the case, then it could have been either of Age of Empires APK or Civilization Revolution 2 APK. Two of our generation’s most iconic real time strategy gaming titles, that gamers of the genre would swear by. Sid Meier’s Civilization has now come up with a sequel to the mobile version of the game, called Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 APK! Taking a more global perspective at rearing a civilization, the game is back with a host of new features to woo old fans and new alike!

Civilization Revolution 2 APK Game Play

For starters, Civilization Revolution 2 APK is taking full advantage of the 3D graphics engine. There are plenty new characters an in-game elements that should make the game more engaging than its predecessor. A new civilization has been added, that is Korea; new leaders have been added in the form of King Sejon of Joseon and Lenin, the Russian Communist leader. Even strengthening your unit has become more fun thanks to the new technologies, new artillery units, and even new buildings and wonders/artifacts that have been thrown into the mix.

So all in all Civilization Revolutions 2 Mod APK is more of an upgraded version of its predecessor, with fixes where there were disappointments the last time. Old fans would feel right at home even without the otherwise unhelpful tutorial. New fans will be amazed at how diverse the game really is. Players can choose civilizations on the basis of the leaders that are available: which ranges from Catherine the Great to Genghis Khan; heck, even Abraham Lincoln is there!

New fans of Civilization Revolution 2 APK will also learn to manipulate the outcome of the game by permuting and combining the trade and combat aspect of the game, essential to every civilization if they wish to withstand the test of time. Civilizations also come with an individual perk that sets them aside from the rest of their counterparts.

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For example, the Romans with their trade routes get 50% off of their expenses, the Mongols on the other hand, being themselves, ambush other barbarian settlements and turn them into residential settlements to further technology and research and overall population. Don’t forget to play Gunship Battle Mod Money Game.

Civilization Revolution 2 APK Download

What makes Civilization Revolution APK so addictive is that you do not need to spend hours and hours figuring it out and then a few hours more, in order to win your first game. With a little luck and the kind of patience that comes with being a loyal real time strategy fan, even the most amateur players can win their first battles.

The difficulty settings are fun too, you can play at a level called ‘King’ or ‘Emperor’ depending upon how ambitious you are. So essentially, for those of you who dream of becoming a benevolent despot one day, Civilization Revolution 2 APK just might be your learning ground! After playing this game do not forget to your review about this game.

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