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Drastic APK Emulator is a must app for gamers. Android smartphones have a way of invading our tech boundaries, convergence it is called I believe. At first smartphone’s became TV enabled, with live match streams being broadcast across handhelds, now Android smartphones have taken gaming to the next level with the current slew of console emulators that are being released for emulating consoles on Android environments. Drastic Apk is a Nintendo 3DS simulators that makes it possible to play Nintendo console games on your smartphone once the game’s image is mounted by the emulator.

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Drastic Apk performs better than expected offering a number of key game changers so as to speak, offering turbo emulation. Yes, turbo emulation means exactly what you think it means. Imagine emulating your favorite Nintendo titles in the blink of an eye. That’s not all, Drastic Apk allows you to save your in-game progress, even though it is simply an emulation; which means you can exit a game, take a break, and then come back and start where you left off without a hassle. And don’t forget to check out most stunning apps like Game Killer APK.

If you thought that was too much, here’s the icing on the cake Drastic Apk allows you to use external controllers to play the games it emulates! Could it get any better than this?! If you are thinking that the external controllers maybe a perquisite for the DS emulator then you could not be more mistaken. Drastic Apk is not available on the Android Play Store for $7.99 for gags! The emulator emulates the Nintendo DS experience to near experience by even creating a virtual controller segment for you a la the Nintendo DS controller way! Taking the ergonomics of the DS seriously as well just proves how much heart the application has to replicate the Nintendo DS experience. Drastic Apk performed better as the specifications for the Android device it was tested on went higher and higher.

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Drastic emulator apk makes full use of the host devices available graphics solutions, for example, if your device is running an nVidia Shield or Xperia Play, expect your graphics to be much more pristine than you can expect from an emulator! Given how seriously Drastic apk takes the Nintendo DS experiences, the developers seem to have taken the save games issues bit seriously and offered users an easy solution. Now users can upload their save files from their phone to their Google Drive cloud storage from where it can be easily retrieved and replayed over and over. A tip of the hat in the direction of the save game hassles the users of the original Nintendo DS were also worked up over! Clever indeed! Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Drastic APK Emulator so that other users can grab some information from your reviews.

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