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Manage your files efficiently and easily with File Manager APK. File Manager APK helps you handle all your files whether they are stored in your device’s memory, micro SD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts. By default, File Manager APK allows you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and from any of your storage. It also lets you browse and access your files by category.

Your light and savvy file explorer: Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device’s internal storage to or from a micro SD card, LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa. File Manager APK offers access files in LAN and SMB: Manage files within your LAN (local area network) and SMB (Samba) network. More storage options via Cloud storage Supports cloud storage accounts such as Web Storage, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

File Manager APK Features

Suave and smooth multimedia streamlining: Stream multimedia files such as music or videos or open documents, pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storage accounts Save disk space by packaging files. Don’t forget to check out File Manager APK feature of compressing files to save space of your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RAR formats.

Browse files easily by category right from File Manager APK home screen: images, videos, music, applications, downloaded, and favorites. Customization home panel: now you can customize your home panel with different categories and orders. Add favorite folder directly from favorite category. Create a folder shortcut on launcher. Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Nice update, I was hoping for a 6 to 9 items, not 6 or 9, but it was okay. Recent category now goes normal. The Apps categories still list only the APK, not the installed apps. The cut and copy mechanism should be able to really cut (or copy) the file, and paste it manually, not using the “move to”/” copy to”. Why? Because File Manager APK can be annoying when I tried to move or copy a file/folder into a hidden folder. Sometimes I just forget to unpick the “hide system file” and ended up cancel the operation. Along with this app you should also consider Game Killer APK.

File Manager APK is nice to start, but has a great deal of room for improvement. After ES file explorer went crap ware this is my file manager APK of choice, but please, don’t go the ES route with putting crap into your app. It’s a file manager – not a cleaner, analyzer, sandwich maker. First of all please let me get rid of the home page, it’s just so unnecessary – I know where m files are, let me get to them without having the additional click to choose that I want to manage my internal storage with file manager APK.

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File Manager APK Download

One of the best feature of File Manager APK is Customize categories and font size. Firstly, It’s not possible to remove 4 to 5 categories at home screen. You have to enable at least 6 categories at a time, but I want only 3 or 4. Secondly i want to decrease font size in list view, please avail option for adjusting font size. Also give TRASH and thumbnail enable-disable option. Cannot rename any file from computer on sd card. Please find this bug and fix it. I tried to put different sd card on my mobile and tried to rename the file from my laptop, the window will show an error as, not responding. Your review about File Manager APK will be highly appreciated.

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