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Mozilla Firefox apk has upped the ante on becoming the favorite browser for user on Android as well by introducing a host of new nifty features that make it stand out. For example, the single tap bookmark creation would be a welcome addition for voracious browsers on the smartphone. It also features the Do Not Track Plugin that is available on its desktop counterpart as well. Still commandeering a large army of add-ons to enrich the browsing experience Mozilla Firefox though blazing through our favorite websites, still bears some chinks in its armor that have never really been attended.

Mozilla Firefox Apk Features and Tools

Mozilla Firefox apk still does not have any option for rendering embedded videos to be viewed on the mobile platform and plays them as full size content as the desktop version would, creating severe hang ups in site loading time. It also does not win any favors with users new and old when the option for allowing Adobe Flash content on the screen is not provided to the users. However where Mozilla does in favors is the Firefox Sync that allows users to transfer their Firefox experience from desktop to handheld. The aforementioned niftiness of Firefox is reflected in the useful menu that pops out when the user glides the finger from the left bezel towards the screen.

This reveals the navigations buttons that you are much more familiar with on the desktop version, as well as the single tap bookmarking option. The downloads and add-ons can be found in the Settings window though some high end smartphone users might complain the limiting factor of 160 put on Mozilla Firefox for Android. Browsing is much more secure now thanks to the above mentioned Do Not Track plugin that prevents monitoring of your online behavior. Don’t forget to check out Snapchat Apk and Freedom Apk for more fun on your android devices.

Firefox apk for Android

The cunning of the Firefox lies in the fact that it has managed to pull of an intuitive feat that has so far been missing in any of the bundled stock browsers and some of the more popular, multimedia friendly browsing solutions. Swiping towards the left bezel reveals a panel with bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, etc. Swiping down drops a menu comprising of links to Google, Amazon, Wikepedia, etc. Also if you are fond of seamless browsing habits then you would enjoy the fact that the Firefox Sync now works even better.

Mozilla Firefox Apk Download For Android

Once you set up sync the Firefox on phone would mimic the settings and behavior of the desktop version and vice versa. Firefox apk also has nice text wrapping features that effectively work on altering the screen zoom. The unified search bar also attributes to the convenience of the browsing experience. Unless the lack of Flash-friendliness bothers you Firefox apk should be a welcome addition to your phone’s apps collection.

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