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Modern combat 5 APK is the first person shooter game available in both single and multiplayer mode. This game series is produced and circulated by Gameloft, a pioneer in the game production industry. All games in the Modern combat series are usually received with positive response. All the first four version of the game was released in mobile but the latest version of the game, Modern Combat 5 APK Android: Blackout is released for the PC too.

Modern combat 5 APK was released in the middle of 2014. Gameloft took nearly two years to develop and release this game. This is the first game in this series to require a constant internet connection throughout out the gameplay even during the gameplay of single player mode. As per the latest update for the game, this game is now available as free to play game. This is the first game in the modern combat series to be made available for free. This game does not feature In-app purchase like other games of this series.

 Modern Combat 5 APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is similar to other modern combat series. In fact, most of the gameplay controls of the modern combat 4 is available in this version. The gameplay in the touchscreen mobiles is also reasonably good. Modern Combat 5 APK features auto-focus and it is thus easy to shoot anyone in their heads. An impressive feature about the new version is the selection of solider based on their ability and weapons. There are four types of soldiers in this game and they are assault, heavy, sniper and recon. Check out Game Killer APK and NBA 2K15 APK the most liked game and app.

MC5 APK is divided into six stories. In order to complete each story, the user has to complete some story missions, multiplayer missions and other tasks. Many inherent modes are available in the multiplayer mode of the game. One of the criticized things in the game is the pace of the game play. According to many game critics, game is running with slow story play, which is not the expected thing in the game series.

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As most of the controls remain same when compared to previous versions of this game, a regular player will face no difficulty in playing this game. The visuals and sound are simply astounding. Gameloft has done its best in Modern Combat 5 APK. The sounds produced in the shooting game plays a vital role, as they help in simulating the environment. Squad creation is the new feature in the multiplayer mode and it is really helpful for the group of friends who would like to play this game among themselves.

The biggest con of modern combat 5 APK is the screenplay. Screenplay looks like to be copied from many games and the screenplay is not at all an interactive one. To be frank, this is the game with the worst screen play in this series. Another disadvantage of the game is that it needs internet connection throughout Modern Combat 5 APK. This may be troublesome for the mobile users, as internet is not reliable while moving out. Although it has some problems, it is still one of the best FPS game in the market and hence, it is worth enough to give it a try. After downloading it don’t forget to share your views about the game.

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