Gamecih APK Download Latest Version For Android


GameCIH APK is one such app that no android user can miss specially if you are a hardcore gamer. Back in the days when the PC master race gamers had to cheat in a game, they would consult online walk through, download cheat databases and what not. Nowadays with gaming made easier and more interactive, with platform barriers going down, and the smartphone generation catching up, people simply hack their games and increase whichever value they want to. Voila! Head into your missions with that unlimited ammo or extra missile that will clear your way to the next level! GameCIH APK is such an application, which allows you to hack into a vast multitude of games so you can increase whichever in-game stat you want and win your way to the finish.

GameCIH APK Tool Features and Advantages

The catch about GameCIH APK is that it was developed as a game debugging tool and not one for hacking. However, consecutive upgrades and fixes have turned it into the game hacking super-app that it is today. GameCIH for android requires a rooted phone to work, because, as is obvious, in order to hack an application you need root access to its files. The key reason why GameCIH is so popular over its rival’ applications is because GameCIH offers the same features that are offered by similar applications, but GameCIH comes for free.

GameCIH APK can be easily hacked to change in-game values. Just run GameCIH on a rooted phone. After GameCIH is installed simply run the application. Minimize it with the hot key and now start the game. Once the game starts and you reach the value you wish to change, open up GameCIH for android and enter the current value of the in-game stat, which should bring up the variables whose values match that of the value entered. Isolating the exact variable and altering it is a tad bit difficult. What gamers can do is, retry the process with multiple value. For this, spend a little bit of the stat you want to change and enter the new current value every time.

For example, if you want to change the number of coins you have, enter the current amount of coins available, and have a look at the search results. If you do not find the variable, go back to the game and spend a few more coins. Come back to GameCIH APK and enter the new currently available coins. Repeating the process several times should help you isolate the variable you want to change. Now just select that variable from the list of searches and enter the value you want. Close GameCIH APK, return to the game. Voila! You should have as many coins as you wanted.

GameCIH APK Download For Gaming Purpose

If GameCIH APK does not install on your phone make sure your phone is rooted, and if it still creates problems, make sure the device is supported by GameCIH Game Tool. Sometimes GameCIH installs on unsupported devices but still has problems running or hacking the game. In those instances, it has to be accepted that either the device or the game is unsupported. However, a little tinkering with the update list should show you that GameCIH’s supported devices and games list is regularly updated.apk games apps