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iNoty APK is a status bar replacement which provides translucent status bar and additional notification counts when used with i Launcher. Swipe down again to pull down the native status bar. Something new from iPhone 6s landing on Android phone. The beauty of IOS 9 is very famous and unique. iNoty APK with style of IOS 9. Style of iPhone 6S is making a name for it. High quality, beautiful but simple. Notification bar is not out of this.

The iNoty APK of iPhone 6S is something new, fresh for your default notification. The notification bar is show many information for you in the day: time, weather, music and application. So iPhone 6s notification not only good and fast but only look pretty. With the famous IOS 9 style, you won’t regret using this iNoty APK.

iNoty APK Features Explained

  • Design layout notification with style of iPhone 6S. Same function as IOS 9 iNoty APK on Phone 6S.
  • Custom notification info and Setting what to show with the style of IOS 9 on notification bar.
  • Blur wallpaper background iNoty APK of IOS 9. Custom information on the notification bar you like.
  • Day month year mode like IOS 9. Tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow.
  • Support features like notification of iPhone 6S with many beautiful style.
  • Show iNoty APK instantly just like iPhone 6S. Small size but fast like IOS 9.

How to Use iNoty APK

  1. Open the notification app.
  2. Choose setting to make them appear on the iPhone 6s iNoty APK.
  3. Show info depend on day.
  4. Custom info on iNoty APK.
  5. Swipe down to show notification  IOS 9.
  6. Touch to choose any info on the notification bar.

Something new for your phone. Thank you for using this iNoty APK with style of IOS 9. I like it but It doesn’t show any of my notification when ever they come in, my girl friend argued with me saying that she message me an I was ignoring her just because it did show that I got a message, fix it. Anyway apart from this user review you should check out Gunship Battle APK With Money game for real action taste.

iNoty Apk

Download iNoty APK Latest Version

Now notifications are grouped by its date. Android layout is now optional. Now it keeps the layout of Android notification style. Fixed a crash which occurred on some devices when there existed any schedule. Status bar will not be tinted any more on applications with no material design. Ongoing notification is displayed in ‘today’ tab. Only supported on Android 4.3+. Don’t wait any longer and download iNoty APK from below link for sure.

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