Larva Heroes Mod APK Download For Android


Larva Heroes Mod APK game’s story is defending enemy coming from black gate. Red and yellow larva who are Larva Heroes APK’s main character had been lived in the sewer of New York City. But suddenly they were anger about enemy’s attack. The reason is that larva’s favourite sausage had been stolen to enemy finding new energy resource. You can select red and yellow larva hero character and summon hero friends. Please eat sausage falling to defend attack of enemy.

A geeky Larva animation had surprised at the world since 2013. Larva animation came back as defense game Ambitious work as game developers of South Korea. The game story based on Lavengers episode Season-21. Now! Let’s guard New York City from enemy. You can choose the favourite hero character. You can buy Hero Friends 10 character fighting with Hero. Total 360 stage as each has different difficulty level. Game fun and tension is changed as each level has different difficulty.

Larva Heroes Mod APK Tips

  • You can get one of gold, item, magic candy through fortune cookie
  • You can transform hero character into mighty hero in game play and use Mighty Hero’s skill
  • It makes the most important counterattack chance
  • Each world has three missions.
  • You can only level up is the stage mode.
  • The Dungeon mode, you can play hero to take the four friends.

Beginner should play easy mode and expert should try to play master mode of Larva Heroes Mod APK. Defense game’s Movement and attack proceed from side to side. Unit and Skill can be used with slot touch. Properly placing defensive unit and strategically fight with offensive unit. The location of battles is the most important. If you suggest Facebook friends invitation and game install, you should get item and  You can see leader-board and ranking selecting Google Play.

If you clear each game stage mode you can get a ‘Captain Jack’ coupon. In Larva Heroes Mod APK Heroes and Hero friend can strengthen to step 6. You can get a ‘fortune cookie’ through stage mode. The best competitor for this game would be NBA 2K15 APK free version. If you open fortune cookie, you can get gold, item, magic candy. You can see total rank and weekly rank in main menu.

larva heroes mod apk

Larva Heroes Mod APK Download

The music is pretty good, the graphics are great, but the English translation is a pain to read. Larva Heroes APK is not a difficult game to figure out on ones’ own though-thankfully. The only other thing worth pointing out at this point is that the difficulty of the levels spike pretty quick-there wasn’t really a gradual increase. It needs internet to play and doesn’t take up that much space. We would love to hear your taste with this game as per my experience Larva Heroes Mod APK is a superb fun.

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