Link2SD Plus APK Download Latest Version For Android


Link2sd Plus APK has two methods in which it functions, either it just provides you links to your apps or it moves them entirely to the SD card and lists them on the link2sd apk home screen. All the details of all the applications installed on your phone altogether is accessible via this home screen. The app works intuitively by allowing you to select your applications individually or in a group and batch transferring them to your SD card.

There are multiple operations available under the options menu that allows you to work with your installed applications. The apps can be either transferred to the SD card altogether which is simpler, or you can let Link2sd Plus APK create a separate partition on your SD card where it stores the app data for all the installed applications. This frees up much of your phone’s internal storage. The user apps can be converted into system apps and vice versa. Another key element of Link2sd Plus APK is the ability to incorporate updated versions of the system apps into the ROM.

Link2sd Plus APK (Link 2 SD) Features

The catch with using Link2sd Plus APK is that works only on a rooted device given that it bypasses the process of application management implemented by the Android operating system. When the applications are moved it also moves the cache files and .dex and .lib files of the applications as well. Any external data such as the files corresponding to your gaming apps that record the game progress. The niftiness lies in the fact that you can move the apps that do not normally allow themselves to be moved.

link2sd plus apk

Akin to all other options which can be performed on apps individually or in batch system, you can also clear the caches of your apps dynamically, using Link2sd Plus APK. Options are available such that link2sd apk alerts you whenever the app reaches a specified cache size limit for a particular application. Multiple options are provided in the boot manager provided with the power off, reboot, quick reboot, reboot recovery, and reboot boot loader options. You would like to use SD Maid Pro APK for your android devices. These are two most popular games and apps.

Link2sd Plus APK (Link 2 SD) Download Latest Version

When you reboot your phone after using Link2sd Plus APK to move and link an app to system files, the links to the applications and their files which are stored into the 2nd SD card partition are pointed to by Link2sd Plus APK so that next time the application loads, it loads faster because the phone memory is freed and the storage card memory is being used. Now the below link will allow you to get the latest version of link 2 SD app for android devices. After downloading simply install Link2sd Plus APK and then try its all features. There are many more similarities which can make you love this app. But Link2SD is totally different.