Lucky Patcher APK Download Updated Version


We are about to discuss about a very special application. The perquisites for running Lucky Patcher APK is to have a rooted smartphone that has an updated custom ROM. Lucky Patcher does not work unless it has been rooted. The first thing that Lucky Patcher does is remove the signature verification “Google Play not supported on this device”. The Lucky Patcher provided support for Google Maps v1 once obtained from the pre-patched Google Play Store. However Lucky Patcher APK cannot patch the Google Play services apk.

Lucky Patcher APK Installation and Features

To use Lucky Patcher APK, install it on your rooted Android device. On starting Lucky Patcher for Android after installation the user should encounter an option labelled “Rebuild and Install”. This option should give you a list of applications that can be ‘rebuild’ as in all removed from their Google Play dependencies which means none of them will have any link with Google Play and none of them will be able to hardcode ads into the application. Select the application you wish to ‘rebuild’.  Choose ‘Apk without License and Verification’. Unselect ‘AutoMode’ and choose ‘Remove Dependencies’; the patched apk should be saved in your sd card. Install it and you are ready to go. Do check out Freedom Apk and Titanium Backup Pro Apk which are related apps.

Lucky Patcher apk

Lucky Patcher APK’s installation maybe in strict infringement of the terms and conditions of the phone builders but that does not vacate the premise that by removing ads from applications it inadvertently saves the smartphone a lot of battery life in the process, as well. It has been tested on a recorded time scale that Android smartphone’s show up to a minimum 30% increase in the phone’s awake time. The reason Lucky Patcher APK is much more frowned upon by the smartphone community is because Lucky Patcher alters the program code so as to write out the part about fetching a video. Rival applications simply block the IP of the ad so that the application can run without any interruption.

Lucky Patcher APK Download Latest Version

But that does not mean that any of these applications is more legal than the other. You would have to root your phone in any case which voids the warranty of the device but if you intend to play it safe an application like Framaroot may help. Lucky Patcher APK can also be used alternatively to render paid games from the Play Store to run in Full Version. After downloading Lucky Patcher do share your experience with its features. We will try to add it for other users.apk games apps