Mortal Kombat X APK Download Latest Version For Android


The relation between Mortal Kombat X APK and the world is like this: If you have never heard of let alone played Mortal Kombat, you should not call yourself a serious gamer. It is a 23 year old household name that is seldom spoken of in hushed whispers! Mortal Kombat X APK is one franchise that has returned time and again to deliver button smashing fighting games, chockfull of colorful characters with intriguing origins, battling it out in different backdrops ranging from torn down urban cities to the backyard of a dojo, and beyond! This is the first time that a version of the game has been released on the mobile platform before the others. Evidently, the expectations from this game has been no less. Mortal Kombat X delivers too, in a manner of speaking. For the button smashers, transitioning from hitting random combos to doing it with the help of a few designated swipes is should take a few retries.

Mortal Kombat X APK Gameplay

But beyond a certain point it does not require much precision. Punches and kicks are completed with swipes and multiple punches and kicks are taken care of with multiple swipes. A two-fingered tap is used to block a move from the opponent. Quick slashes are used to perform powered-up moves that deal a considerable blow to your opponent’s health. Gamers who are familiar with the style of fighting in Android based games like Injustice: Gods Among Us or WWE Immortals, should have no problem familiarizing themselves with the reflexes.

Mortal Kombat X APK also comes with a cool graphic engine, which allows the game to be a visual extravaganza. Well executed combos and beat downs usually follow a custom cut scene that show you the impact of your blow! As is the ritual with these free-to-play RPG’s with readymade characters with unique powers and agendas, there is an in-game currency system. First off is the Alliance Points that you get when you team up with another player’s character to take on your opponents. Next up is Koins, which is gathered every time you win a face-off. Lastly, we have souls. The currency of all three is progressively important than its predecessor(s). Each can be exchanged to buy new cards, power boosts and new characters as well.

 Mortal Kombat X APK Download Updated Version

The characters are also available inside the game in a very organized fashion. There are bronze, silver and gold characters: The bronze ones are nameless random characters whose skillsets are a mishmash of the moves that are executed by the main characters; the silver characters are watered down versions of the main character too but they are more powerful than the bronze tier. The gold tier is made up of deluxe versions of all the actual characters. These are also the ones who have the power to execute fatalities.

The only thing that can irk the gamer is the need to complete tasks daily in order to stack up enough in-game currency. The game requires you to spend as many as 3 souls to regenerate stamina immediately, which is steep price considering how difficult it is to generate souls as it is. Here is the link which allows you to download mortal kombat x apk for android only.

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