NBA 2k15 APK Download Latest Version For Android Devices


NBA 2K15 APK is a video game based on basketball simulation. Developed by the visual concepts and the publishing was done by the 2k sports in 2014.since the start of its series NBA 2K15 APK is the sixteenth version in the NBA 2k collection. The game cover is pasted with the photo of the Kevin Durant, who is a top athlete. Since its release, it has sold about 5.5 million copies and that’s the proof of the growing business and the popularity of NBA 2K15.

For the next Gen consoles, NBA 2K15 APK is one of the best looking games and is worth playing on your system. For the beginners the handful tutorials are also there to help one out in understanding the way to use the keys and concepts of this basketball simulation. In NBA 2K15 APK, the different methods of shot or stealing the ball from the opponent without making any fouls and ways to avoid long possession of the ball with the single player is well explained by these tutorials.

NBA 2K15 APK Features

This version of the NBA 2K15 has made the game look like as realistic as it could be by the introduction of the detailed picture of existing players in the game, some courts and arenas are also added. The features included in this version include the

  • Play now mode
  • My career mode
  • My league mode
  • My team mode
  • My gm mode
  • Online league mode

NBA 2K15 APK Gameplay

The virtual currency of 5000, a choice of international myteam card as rookie Durant, 2 myteam card packs and myplayer jerseys which is inspired by the Durant is included as a pre-order bonus pack in the game. Nba 2k15 apk can be played either in the single player mode or the multiplayer mode. When it comes towards the control the movement are categorized into two sets. The first is defensive and the second is offensive moves. The offensive mode allows the user to play with starting the ball use with left analog stick/button. The ball can be passed by pressing the A button and for shooting purpose X is to be pressed. Check out recent shared SB Game Hacker APK and Clash of Clans Modded APK.

nba 2k15 apk

With the each pass made during the simulation the user player will change quickly to the one having the ball. Dribbles move can also be done by moving the right button on the analog stick. Right trigger is used for sprint the offensive player mode all the players beside the player who is in charge of a ball are controlled by the device/computer. Similarly the defensive mode user of NBA 2K15 APK can change the person by choosing the button while button b can be used for taking cage in the game.

NBA 2K15 APK Download Latest Version

Y button can be helpful in causing the shot rebound. However the right button can still be used for sprint in the start it may seem a bit difficult to play NBA 2K15 APK well but a bunch of guides can be used to understand the required aim and thus anyone can become and play like an NBA all-star. Download NBA 2K15 APK from below link and after playing the game do share your review with us. NBA 2K15 is the best NBA game you will every play.

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