Nova Launcher Prime APK Download For Android Devices


An attempt to change the user interface would obviously mean that the user experience is different also. With Nova Launcher Prime Apk you can expect just that. Nova Launcher Prime for Android being the full paid version of the software comes with all the perks offered by this intuitive custom launcher. The least of those customization are the transitions that happen when you start an operation as ordinary as opening the menu. With the Nova Launcher Prime Apk version you have the option to let your menus roll out or pop out from the corner of the screen. With some custom themes you can also customize the icons in the menus to show effects like wobbling or sparkling when tapped.

Why Nova Launcher Prime APK is best launcher?

Another eye candy perk of installing Nova Launcher Prime Apk is having the facility to use an array of different gestures to perform actions in your smartphone. Those gestures can be anything from a pinch to a finger swipe. As mentioned above you can scroll through menus and your gestures shall invoke various effects like ‘accordion’ or ‘throw’. With Nova Launcher Prime Apk you can create custom menus as well! For example you can create ‘App Drawers’ where you categorize applications in each drawer by their genre.

The reason we prefer Nova Launcher to its contemporaries is that it offers you the chance to try it out for free first. The Nova Launcher itself is available on the Play Store for free download and it comes with a vast online Library of themes that are free for download. The catch is that apply any of these pretty eye candy themes entails you to download full versions of their sister applications or purchase the Nova Launcher Prime Apk. In other words, you need to download Nova Launcher in order to be able to install Nova Launcher Prime Apk.

nova launcher prime apk

The latest version of Nova Launcher Prime Apk comes with some cooler features such as the Unseen Badge Feature. With the Unseen Badge Feature now you can simply press the home button to come to the default screen, when you are checking your phone after a while on standby, and the Unseen Badge Feature will tell you from a glance whether you have any unread messages.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download

The pros of having Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime Apk for that matter is that it is light weight, does not impose on the RAM, is not prone to crashes and comes with a large library of themes, transitions and effects, at all and once you start using it you might fall in love with the fact that it does not even take split second more than your default launcher to load.

The only deal-breaker to installing Nova Launcher Prime for Android is that the upgrade costs nearly 4 USD, a steep pricing as far as upgrades go. However, given Nova Launcher Prime Apk’s spin on the user friendliness of your launcher and the cool eye candy effects that come with it, are important then 4 USD should not be unappealing to you.

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