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Root Master APK is the app for such issues in the phone. We have all been subjected to the eternal question: “To Root, or not to Root”! But few understand the rooting is a less hassle free and worrisome task than most speculated it to be. Given the stern instructions of the manufacturers about how the warranty of their Android becomes obsolete once it is rooted, prevents most Android users from taking their devices to the limit. Android users also fear that the process of rooting a smartphone is very critical and it is better not to tamper with the root files of the phone. However, there is a multitude of applications out there that assist in rooting a phone and complete the job safely in the blink of an eye! Enter Root Master APK!

Root Master APK Features and Benefits

Root Master APK allows for one-click rooting of your Android smartphone such that it can be carried out with the press of a single button. Rooting is equivalent to overclocking your Android smartphone can be taken to the limits of its abilities. Master Root APK allows you to get Superuser rights over the files in your root directory so that the applications that require root access can readily have access to them and you can upgrade your phone with various enhancements as well, such as boosting battery life and performance.

Root Master APK supports rooting in a wide range of applications with new applications being added to the list every day. However since it has to be procured from the internet where they house all kinds of applications for the Android smartphones, and not from the Android Play Store, since the Play Store has a policy against apps that support rooting. Master Root APK showed exceptional performance when it was tested to install several custom ROM’s.

However Root Master APK seemed to show some lack in performance, that is it was taking longer to root, when tested with the latest versions of Android, especially on phones manufactured by Samsung. However, the phone showed a great propensity towards rooting phones from several other makes and brands successfully which has led us to believe perhaps the app is yet to prove compatible with smartphones from a variety of makers. Well don’t forget to check out Link2SD Plus APK and SB Game Hacker APK.

Another perk of using Root Master APK is that given its ability to grant you Superuser access. Which means, as mentioned above, it will become as easy as cakewalk to uninstall default apps that clutter your phones unnecessarily, change default features of your phone that cannot be changed otherwise. This includes the type of keyboard that your phone’s text editor uses, change your font, default install applications directly to your SD card and more!

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Root Master APK Download For Android Devices

In short, with Root Master APK the rooting procedure literally puts you in the driver’s seat while you take full advantage of the awesome features of your phone, a lot of features in the Android user interface can be altered as per your requirements to enhance your user experience. Even ads can be blocked from your Youtube streams altogether, that is how far rooting your phone takes you. Root Master APK exhibited an 80-90% better performance than its rivals on supported devices. After you download and install root master it would be good if you share your experience with Root Master APK as it will bring out some light on its features.

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