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Have you heard of Seeder APK which can be of great use for Android users. Many Android tasks run slower than they should for one simple, yet not-so-obvious reason: they consume large amounts of random data from a limited source. Random data is used to generate session keys and unique identifiers, in SSL and WiFi, while starting processes, and during inter-process communication. This data runs out frequently, and that causes processes reading from the blocking device to temporarily stop responding. These processes cannot continue until the Linux kernel repopulates the entropy pool, which takes time. In addition, input events are pulled from the user interface which may also contribute to the problem.

Seeder APK is a service for root users. It assists the kernel in “topping off” the entropy pool by re-seeding it with data from the non-blocking (high performance) random device. Optionally, it can also help alleviate MMC I/O contention by extending the I/O queue, allowing the I/O scheduler to make better decisions, and combine more writes. On some devices, applications load significantly faster, and task switching becomes effortless. Fewer visual “hiccups” occur. You MUST be running a rooted device to use this application! If you don’t know what this means, Seeder APK will probably not work on your device!

Seeder APK Features and User Guide

This app does not increase raw performance, but rather eliminates some types of annoying lag. The effect seems to be more noticeable the longer the device has been running prior to activating the RNG service. Google’s efforts to optimize newer builds of Android have been substantial, and Seeder APK has less effect on Android 4.0+ (though many users still report improvement). Bug reports are greatly appreciated.

If you have any trouble with the Seeder APK, please send an email before leaving a review. If during testing you find that Seeder APK does not noticeably reduce lag on your device, please email me for a refund! Fantastic on the LG G3 I’ve been frustrated with my LG G3 due to the default launcher lag issues. Replacing the launcher wasn’t much of an option since G3 features such as double tap to switch screen off doesn’t work. Seeder APK fixed the lag issues of the launcher. The phone is now really responsive as it should be.

Band aid for rebooting This app works sometimes but other times can actually cause more lag. When I first installed it, the app definitely seemed to give my Galaxy Nexus running Mod 10.1.2 a little boost. After leaving it on for a day or so, the phone was lagging up in a game that previously hadn’t had any problems. I disabled Seeder APK and the game sped right up. Perhaps the best use is to enable and then disable it to give your device the best of both worlds.

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Seeder APK Download For Android Devices

Seeder APK app is amazing. I’ve been running Android 4.2 on my Nexus 7 and have been searching for a solution to the constant hiccups I get. After installing and activating Seeder APK it has never ran so smoothly. For anyone out there who is on the fence about getting this app go for it, you won’t be disappointed. New RNG performance profiles: Light / Moderate / Aggressive. Moderate and aggressive modes may slightly increase battery usage if suspend-on-sleep is disabled. Grab the app from below link and simply install Seeder APK.

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