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Showbox APK is one app that you can not miss. If TV shows and new movies are where you get your fix, then Netflix might not be the guy who serves you that in the coming years! While Netflix has remained a favorite with movie-buffs and TV show addicts alike, in the times of the smartphone, the best alternative to watch recent releases is on Showbox. Showbox APK is an application released on the Android platform. Users can stream movies on Showbox app and watch them for free. However, Showbox APK does not show up in the Google Play Store and requires to be download and installed by acquiring it off any 3rd party android ware site.

Showbox APK App Features and Guide

Showbox app has revolutionized entertainment on the handheld platform and used to do so in cohorts with MX Player, which was required to play the video files. However, in the recent versions, that allow Showbox APK to be compatible with Chrome cast is something that has taken the applications popularity to a whole new level. The latest version of Showbox APK does not feature any nagging ads that occupy a percentage of the screen, ruining your entire perspective.

Usually the ads also include annoying captcha messages; however it has been observed that prompt fixed, updates are released back to back, frequently. Occasionally showbox for android may behave a bit buggy which results in the generation of the “MX Player has stopped” message. This too is fixed in the latest version.

Showbox APK is now available on the iOS too, which grants you easy access to streaming movies on the iPhone and other iOS devices such as the iPad. The application was already runnable on Windows, as the Bluestacks app player would easily emulate the Android programming environment for the same. Showbox APK finds you links of streaming movies and shows not only from the free streaming sites and links available on the internet but also from the ad-blocked blog sites as well, which cannot be easily tackled by the amateur entertainment buff! The best perk about having Showbox app on your smart device, I suppose is the ability to stream everything in HD.

Another nifty little advantage of having Showbox APK around is that the library is vast! As mentioned before, Shwbox fetches you the links from the far flung depths of the interwebs and you are also provided with the chance to download the same and view them on your phone at your leisure! Besides the mainstream movie and TV show titles that you can stream or download from just about anywhere, Showbox APK free movies also offers you a wide range of obscure titles too, shows or movies that you would not normally discover on services like Netflix or even Hulu for that matter!

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Showbox APK Download for Showbox Movies – Updated Version

Besides the intrusive, obtrusive ads which keep coming back like a swarm of flies from time to time to ruin your experience, Showbox APK has few cons that could prevent you from using the same. If you are one of the saint-y saint Android users who’s against rooting, listening and/or watching pirated media then you might want to shy away from using Showbox APK Movies. Also there is a drain on RAM and network traffic when you are downloading large files. But that much is a given.