Smart Keyboard Pro APK Download For Smart Typing


Smart Keyboard Pro APK is a fast multi touch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode, Smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration, and many other appearance and prediction options. Get it now and see by yourself why it is the best rated keyboard app on the Market. I’ve downloaded so many of these apps hoping for a better keyboard.

Smart Keyboard Pro APK actually comes through. I used to love the blackberry pearl which used t9 format. I was yet to find a keyboard that utilized the same format with the same efficiency in typing. This keyboard maybe even better then my previous pearl. Of course you can use a regular keyboard just the same. The user dictionary with the ability to learn new words as well as add your own is on point. Definitely recommended for every smartphone user.

Smart Keyboard Pro APK Guide

  1. To enable the keyboard, go to “Language and keyboard” settings, and check Smart Keyboard Pro APK box.
  2. On Android < 3.0: long press in any text input area until a popup menu appears, select “Input Method” in this menu, and choose Smart Keyboard PRO APK in the list (see the video)
  3. On Android > 3.0: pull the status bar while the keyboard is visible, and choose “Select Input Method”, then Smart Keyboard APK.
  4. Don’t forget to read the FAQ and the users’ guide on the web site if you have problems, answers to most common issues are there (including: how to use Emojis)!

You can long press 123 key any time to enter keyboard settings. A trial version is available on the market (look for the app Smart Keyboard Trial). Note that this Pro version is a standalone app, you don’t need the Trial to use it. If you find bugs such as FORCE CLOSE issues, please go to the web site and CONTACT THE SUPPORT. If you want help, it’s completely useless to leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you!

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Download Smart Keyboard Pro APK

Ignore the warning about the keyboard “collecting your personal data”, this is a standard Android message when you activate any third party input method. Do not mind checking out Link2sd Plus APK for your phones. Now Smart Keyboard Pro APK comes with fixed input of Emojis on Lollipop (sometimes appeared as squares). New keyboard layouts: Hindi and Kurdish (Kurmanji / Sorani). Minor layout fixes. You’ll like it! I’ve been using this keyboard for a few months now, and it’s really nice. I especially like that I can make it dark and spare my retinas a bit; it’s highly customizable. I would LOVE to see accented letters available in the long-press options of Smart Keyboard Pro APK without changing the input language (helpful to those of us who frequently use foreign words).

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