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The average teen who has Snapchat apk installed on their phone spends at least 60% of their phone time on this very app. The addictiveness off Snapchat Apk lies in the filters and customization options available in the Snapchat conversation window. Users can edit their photos, add filters, write messages, scribble and doodle on the photos and then forward it to people they wish to have a conversation with, the photo will disappear after a period of time. However, now Snapchat apk has upped the ante in the bid to be on par with rival instant messaging applications. The current versions of Snapchat allows for text chatting as well as video chatting. The protocol is that the messages and the videos are also there for a partial time after which they vanish from use for the user.

Snapchat Apk Features and User Guide

Taking leaf out of Facebook’s textbook, Snapchat apk now supports a live feed where users can view media shared by people on their contact list. This feature is being called ‘Story’ by Snapchat and allows you to view any particular content as many times as you can within a 24 hour window. The Snapchat Story feature works like a highlight reel if you intend to use it to broadcast events you are attending; say a concert for example, you can Snapchat photos and videos from the entire event, throughout the day and to your contacts it would appear like a highlight reel of the last 24 hours. Don’t miss Clash of Clans Mod Apk and Geometry Dash Apk games.

Snapchat Apk

Sounding for the most part like a creative Whatsapp alternative, Snapchat apk soon found notoriety with adult- teens who used it on a demographic scale for adult content sharing. This got Snapchat labelled as a strict no-no by parents who had bought their coming of age sons and daughters swanky new smartphones. After almost a couple of years of being associated with smut, Snapchat apk is trying to improve its image by getting the makeover as a news/media/information giant. The company is veering aggressively towards turning Snapchat for android into a hub for sharing real time news, just like the trending feature that works so well with Facebook and Twitter.

Snapchat Apk Download Latest Version

Snapchat apk has updated its security features too, in that long-pressing on media to secretly save it does not work anymore. Also, users were alleged to screenshot the media prior to this. With the current versions of Snapchat, the app sends an alert to your phone should someone try to take a screenshot of your shared media. Perhaps taking new measures to bring back Snapchat to a better, NSFW content free community is sitting well with more and more people as the download numbers for the app have been at an all time high.

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