Surgeon Simulator APK Free Download For Android


Surgeon Simulator APK is a game for Android and it is installed on android 4.0 and above versions Smart phones. In this Simulation game you are a play a role of a doctor and you had to done surgery your patient. A crazy surgeon shreds his patient, or rather a victim on a surgical table. The main actor of this Android game is a bloody surgeon, has a lots of tools he can use such as saws, hammers, scalpels and many more. He is trying to find the use of all of them. For knowing them the function, he will cut out such spare organs as liver, heart, lungs and intestine. He was thinking that these organs are much better on the ground or surrounding furniture than inside the body.

First you make Surgeon Simulator APK compatible with Android Smart phones not just only Android tablets. Finally, Surgeon Simulator Free is available for Android. New Surgeon Simulator free download is here for Android devices with its full glory. The fact behind that the game was going to launch on Android platform was known recently. It is difficult to handle or control your character but it is certainly easier than the PC version. One thing which I find bad about mobile version of the game is that the developer has not made it compatible with smart phones. This game is only very much compatible for Tablets. That’s the reason when you search for Surgeon Simulator APK, open the page and try to download; it will mostly say that the game is not compatible with your Phone.

There are 6 treatment rooms in Foot Surgery Simulator APK Application:

  • Foot Injury treatment room in Foot Surgery Simulator
  • Bones Treatment room in Foot in Foot Surgery Simulator
  • Foot Scaled Treatment room in Foot in Foot Surgery Simulator
  • Foot Frostbite Treatment room in Foot in Foot Surgery Simulator
  • Beriberi room in Foot in Foot Surgery Simulator
  • Toes Treatment room in Foot in Foot Surgery Simulator.
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Features of Surgeon Simulator APK

Surgeon Simulator APK for Android is a very popular and Millions of gamers around the World would be glad to get it without any payments. Downloading is very simple you have to just select the desired file and click download free Surgeon Simulator APK application.

  • Having colorful graphics.
  • This application contains 50 different achievements.
  • Easy User Interface with high quality of work.
  • Different number of Surgeries.

How to play and make Surgeon Simulator APK compatible with your Android Phone

  1. Download and install the game on your Android device.
  2. Using Stock file manager go to Android, then Obb and copy the folder com.bossastudios.ss13touch. And then move this folder to your computer.
  3. Download and install the APK extractor from the Google Play Store. Using this app copy and paste to your computer the APK file of Surgeon Simulator APK.
  4. Now move com.bossastudios.ss13touch to Android > Obb folder on your Android phone.
  5. Install the APK file and open the game.

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