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Ttorrent Pro APK is simply the best torrent (P2P) downloader client for Android based devices. Download large files like free movies, free music albums, free software programs, free MP3 files and other entertainment media to your phone or tablet very fast. High Speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G) necessary. Didn’t have a file problem until update. Ttorrent Pro APK is the best around and well worth purchasing pro. The last update created problems for me. I have to stop everything and start the download of a single file and not key my screen go to sleep, and it’s still slower and drains more battery then before.

Ttorrent APK Features and Browser

Torrent Search Engine is the best tool to search and download torrents every time you want, directly from your device! Tons of torrent results by multiple search providers, combining top search sources!You may have tried other apps that suddenly stopped working just because search provider went offline, or changed website address. This situation will never happens with Ttorrent Pro APK.

  • Easy search for torrents with the optional plugin.
  • Create and share new torrent files.
  • Choose single files for download from torrents containing multiple files.
  • Ttorrent Pro APK Supports writing external storage, like SD cards.
  • Sequential download mode streaming.
  • Wifi only mode, Wifi or WiMAX mode.
  • Magnet link support, tracker less torrent (DHT) support.
  • RSS support automatically download torrents published in feeds.

Ttorrent Pro APK is faster and better than the free version. I dont have to wait very long for my movies to download and it’s capable of downloading 2 torrents at once at a fair speed. I would recommend this app to anyone needing a good torrent downloader, its worth paying for! I do wish it was a bit faster at downloading multiple torrents.

If the default search provider will be unavailable or offline, our app will automatically switch it with a different one until the default one become available again. As long as you have internet connection you will be always able to search and download torrents. Check out one special app named Root Master APK for android only.

ttorrent pro apk

Ttorrent Pro APK Download Latest Version

Reliable, Excellent network code but Quirky interface. Eh, could use a revamp of some things like the clunky way that priority is changed and some of the data display could be improved. Hey, Ttorrent Pro APK never fails and has great network code. Much better than prettier apps. File management code is good too. One of my favorite apps for downloading. I’ve tried several others even the big names like u torrent and none compare in search results and download speed. Ttorrent Pro APK is definitely one of my top apk mod games apps