VLC Media Player APK Free Download For Android


VLC APK is regarded the best performer of the year, as it offer you to support all the formats to play. The VLC Media Player is a free player available for your Android device. This is an open source cross platform that allows you to play almost all the multimedia files, discs, network streaming protocols and many more like them. After a long duration, the developers introduced the android app for VLC player APK in beta version but this player is little bit change to the VLC player for PC. VLC APK on play store is not fully functional because it is under construction and that’s why it may be because of some bugs.

VLC APK Features and User Guide

It starts building his market and makes his place in the best of the media players. As this media player is best known for allowing you to play any kind of multimedia files. To remove the bug come in this application, the developers launched its Beta version. The VLC player apk is an open source video and audio player. VLC for Android is getting highly optimized and trying enhancing its features day by day to compete with its PC version. VLC apk for PC is a perfect video player version and the developer’s team is working hard to make the same experience for Android devices.

In current scenario there are many stiff competitors for VLC media player apk in Android platform, like MX player, which already in a good position and have the perfect user interface and gestures. VLC player apk for Android is also a full audio player, with a complete database, an equalizer and filters, playing all weird audio formats. VLC APK is extended for everyone which is totally free and does not contain any add banner, no in app purchases, spying and it is developed by the passionate volunteers. The source code is available for free no restriction will be put to take it.

VLC player apk for Android offer the user to play all the files in all the formats same as the classic VLC APK. It is supporting all audio and video media library, with full search also support for network streams and also includes HLS in it. Support the Android version 2.1 with its secondary display. Its subtitles support, the embedded and external which also includes ASS and DVD subtitles. It offer you to Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection having Multi-core decoding for Cortex A7, A9 and A15 chips. It supports the full hardware decoding with Gestures, headphones control and Audio Equalizer.

VLC Media Player APK Free Download

In VLC APK the Audio Delay control is also activated, it comes with new look in the audio player, in the side bar, a new Album view with an improved search behavior and an effective Lollipop effects. The changes make it more attractive and major source for increasing the users. You can easily get the application, by doing some required steps to download the app, just go to the Google Play Store and search the application by name. Then start downloading VLC Media Player APK and wait until the completion is done, you can see an icon will be come out on the device screen, just click it for further installation and enjoy the great experience. Here you download VLC Apk for your android devices.

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