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Zooper Widget Pro APK offers you a great deal of tools. Minimal, classy, extremely customization available, and battery friendly “Do It Yourself” widget with almost limitless possibilities! If you like the software and want to support the development please rate it! If you have issues or requests send me an email or use the forum. Sample templates included, no need to download anything else. Some custom fonts already included, additional can be added on SD card/fonts.

Create your templates easily, no functional limit, tons of variables and controls. Zooper Widget Pro APK has WYSIWYG editor with layers like Photoshop / Gimp. Build your style and change everything: color, text, shapes, position and more! Completely customization date and time (day of the year, week number, number to text. Date calculations (countdown, time to or from any date, calendar event or system attribute.

Zooper Widget Pro APK Features

  • Full Math expressions supported (like Star Trek star date).
  • Battery info (remaining time, percentage, temperature, voltage).
  • World clock (multiple time zones on the same widget).
  • Zooper Widget Pro APK introduces weather for current or multiple locations on the same widget.
  • Up to 5 days forecast from multiple providers (Open Weather Map, YR.NO)
  • Calendar info with free customization.
  • Zooper Widget Pro APK gives you System info, like up time, next alarm, SD card space.
  • WiFi network name, cell operator, signal strength, connection type.
  • Network traffic data stats for current day, week, month and more.

Zooper Widget Pro APK gives you power of reading Missed calls, unread SMS, unread GMail (multiple accounts and labels). Sunrise, Sunset and Astrological Nautical or Civil twilight. Moon Rise, Set and Illumination percentage. Series for days, months and more! Completely dynamic and customization TTF and PNG icon sets. Static Bitmaps (PNG with alpha and JPG). Progress Bars customization with any numeric variable such as min/max and value. Tasker integration with Jelly Bean lock screen support in Zooper Widget Pro APK.

No Ads, Widget on tap action / config lock (and “module” click action), Load and Save templates on SD card, APK themes support, Buzz launcher support. Zooper Widget APK has been built from ground up with battery in mind; nothing will be done while your phone sleeps, no weather will be updated if you have no weather information on screen, and no location will be updated if you do not ask it to.

Zooper Widget Pro APK does not use much memory when it’s running – even with 10 widgets on your screen it won’t exceed more than 10 megabytes. However, during configuration RAM usage can climb up to 25mb. This is normal and the space will be released shortly after config is closed. If you’re using Bitmaps, due to the heavy caching, usage will be higher. Go through Vroot APK for having unlimited fun.

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I Love Zooper Widget Pro APK! I do have a question though. I’m using one of the clocks on my home screen and I can’t find a way to not use military time. I just want to use over complicated AM and PM. Any help would be appreciated. Not Too Bad It works relatively well the majority of the time. There are the occasions where there is a fairly noticeable lag or where it will just freeze up on me altogether. All in all though, I’d probably have to say that it was worth the purchase OF Zooper Widget Pro APK. One thing I would kill to see happen is getting Accu Weather on board and incorporated in as an available Weather Provider option. Let’s make that happen Dev(s)!

Zooper Widget Pro APK Download

I’ve really enjoyed using Zooper Widget Pro APK to customize my cell phone “desktop.” Really cool idea for an app. I have had a few problems where shortcuts done work (i.e. created a bitmap button and assigned the action to direct dial my boyfriend). No matter how many times I tried setting and resetting that option, the shortcut won’t start. The button does work to launch apps….just will not direct dial. I would LOVE it if we could embed other apps like being able to incorporate my Gmail inbox. Just a thought. Anyway simply download Zooper Widget Pro APK for your android phones.

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